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Huzhou Huate Stainless Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise that produces seamless stainless steel pipes. It is currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Jiuli Special Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Stock name: Jiuli Special Materials;Stock code: 002318. The company is located in Shangqiang Industrial Park, Daixi Town, Huzhou City. The factory area is close to the Hangzhou Nanjing Expressway and National Highway 104, 60 kilometers away from the company's location in Hangzhou City, and 27 kilometers away from the Huzhou urban area. The transportation is convenient, the environment is elegant, the culture is abundant, and the information is smooth. With the advantages of the economic development center of the Yangtze River Delta, it is an ideal place for enterprise development. The company was founded on May 23, 2005, with a total factory area of 43355m ², Building area 26000m ² The current production workshop is mainly divided into six workshops: cold drawing, cold rolling, acid pickling and passivation, inspection, packaging, and machine repair and maintenance, forming a production line for stainless steel seamless steel pipes from production to various quality testing guarantees. The company produces 7500 tons of stainless steel seamless pipes annually. The products cover austenitic stainless steel seamless steel pipes, as well as duplex stainless steel seamless steel pipes and alloy steel pipes, with group spacing specifications and outer diameter of Φ 6~ Φ 325mm, with a wall thickness of 0.8-20mm. The company currently has a complete set of advanced equipment for producing stainless steel seamless pipes, including LG-120H cold rolling mill, LG-60H cold rolling mill, and LG-30H cold rolling mill; 120T, 65T, 20T, 10T cold drawing machines, straightening machines, fully automatic temperature controlled roller bottom annealing furnaces, and dozens of sets of various auxiliary equipment, equipped with excellent performance and advanced and complete chemical and physical testing equipment, such as WEW-1000 screen display hydraulic universal testing machine, Lab.A1 German Zeiss metallographic microscope, HR Rockwell hardness tester, GS1000 German direct reading spectrometer, hydraulic testing machine, as well as eddy current testing unit and ultrasonic testing unit Fully automatic testing equipment such as DSN-Z endoscope, JB-300B impact testing machine, and NITONXL2800 American Niton portable spectrometer ensure quality supervision and control throughout the entire process from raw material entry to product production and delivery, ensuring that product quality meets and exceeds national standards and meets user requirements. The company attaches great importance to the construction of its management system: it has obtained the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, IS014001 Environmental Management System Certification, and IS045001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification from Zhejiang Fangyuan Mark Certification Group, and has obtained a special equipment production license issued by the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration. The products cover fluid conveying, heat exchangers, and high-pressure boiler tubes, and have obtained CCS China Classification Society factory certification, PED EU pressure equipment directive certificate, LR Lloyd's Register certificate, ABS American Classification Society certificate, and DNV/GL Norway/Germany Classification Society certification. In the year of production, it passed the environmental protection acceptance for three wastes discharge and obtained a pollution discharge permit. Our company's products are mainly used in industries and fields such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, papermaking, food, nuclear power, military, machinery, shipbuilding, LNG (low-temperature natural gas), boilers, etc. The market covers large and medium-sized enterprises and key project companies in various regions of the country, and has become a first-class network supplier of CIMC Anruike, PetroChina, and CNOOC. We are a member unit of the Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association. We have become a qualified supplier for the nuclear power industry's C2 and Qinshan Phase II expansion projects in Pakistan, as well as multiple nuclear power projects such as Lingao Nuclear Power, Ningde Nuclear Power, AP1000 Zhejiang Sanmen Nuclear Power, and AP1000 Shandong Haiyang Nuclear Power. The main suppliers for pressure vessel pipes include Xi'an Nuclear Equipment Co., Ltd., China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry (725), Dongfang Electric Group, and Liquefied Air (China) Investment Co., Ltd Three qualified air separation suppliers for companies such as Air Chemical (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (APCI) and Linde Engineering in Germany. The sales volume of nuclear power pipes, pressure vessel pipes, and air separation devices ranks among the top in the same industry. The products have received good feedback from users and have received widespread praise from various users, establishing a long-term and stable partnership. The company has also obtained self operated import and export rights, and its products can be directly self operated for export. The company's quality control starts with raw materials, using raw materials from large companies and recognized brands in the market. Each batch of raw materials must undergo a re inspection after entering the factory. The product's performance can only be delivered after passing the national standards and customer technical agreements upon inspection. The company's main products are austenitic stainless steel and duplex stainless steel seamless pipes, which can produce non-standard pipes with special specifications and requirements according to user requirements. The company focuses on technological innovation and has established a dedicated technical department for research and design. It has successfully developed and produced seamless steel pipes made of stainless steel special steel grades S32750 (022Cr25Ni7Mo4N), S31500 (022Cr19Ni5Mo3Si2N), 904L (015Cr21Ni26Mo5Cu), high-strength, and high nickel alloy steel (UNSNO4400). And there are multiple invention patents and utility model patents. The company adopts a comprehensive quality management system approach, emphasizing quality as the center, full participation as the foundation, and customer focus. Improve the quality system management of the company, improve the quality of products and services, and lay a better foundation for the company's development. Strive to expand and strengthen our company, expand our product range, and win recognition from more industries and customers. The products are produced according to user technical requirements and relevant national and international standards. At present, the company has 180 employees, 25% of whom are professional and technical personnel, and 80% are skilled workers. The company focuses on the construction of a talent team, with innovation spirit, innovation ability, and management level as the core, and builds a team of enterprise managers that is suitable for the development of the market economy. The company arranges professional technical training and production management training for middle level leaders and above every year. Professional and technical personnel are sent out for external training every year, and well-known manufacturers and engineers from the industry are also hired to our company for on-site guidance. Every year, the company recruits a certain number of fresh graduates with a college degree or above or personnel with practical work experience and business capabilities, striving to provide a first-class talent team and reserve force for the company's greater development. In addition, the company actively conducts skill training for technical workers, continuously optimizes their cultural knowledge, encourages them to study process technology, and improves their operational skills. Enable each employee of the company to maximize their potential and provide the company with more powerful development space.
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- Design requirements: green, healthy and environmentally friendly as the theme - - Huate's tenet: win by quality, strive for brand, be realistic in service, and develop together - - Business philosophy: create brand with strength, gain market with quality, win customers with integrity - - Enterprise spirit: unity and forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, service-seeking, development-oriented -
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