As of 2016, our company has been awarded a total of 9 "utility model patent certificates" issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China, namely "a special internal nozzle device for pickling large-diameter copper-nickel alloy pipes" and " A rapid positioning and drilling device for the center hole of a stainless steel tube", "A special external nozzle device for pickling large-diameter copper-nickel alloy pipes", "A pressure expansion device for stainless steel seamless pipes", "A cold Pulling and clamping car", "a stainless steel inner surface polishing machine", "a high-speed polishing device for steel pipe surface", "a lye sprayer for acid mist purification", "a stainless steel perforated plug"; invention patent Item 1, "A production method of stainless steel pipes for condensers".   

The company stated that the above-mentioned patented technology has been applied to the company’s related product solutions. The acquisition of patents will not have a major impact on the company’s current production and operation conditions, but will help the company further improve its intellectual property protection system, form a continuous innovation mechanism, and enhance the company’s core Competitiveness.