In 2016, the "Stainless Steel Seamless Capillary Tubes" and "Small-caliber Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes Based on Multi-section Curve Forming Method" developed by our project R&D center received expert appraisal (acceptance) and review commissioned by Zhejiang Economic and Information Technology Commission Review experts from Hangzhou Dianzi University, Huzhou Teachers College and other reviewers have listened carefully to our unit’s new product development work summary, test report and novelty search report, reviewed relevant technical data and product drawings, and agreed that the development of these two new products It is successful, the performance indicators meet the requirements of the design assignment, the technical level is in the leading position in the country, and it meets the requirements of the "Zhejiang Province Provincial New Industrial Product (New Technology) Management Specification", and agrees to pass the provincial new industrial product appraisal (acceptance).